Privacy Notice

1. General

This notice explains how, as a data controller, Epitech Research SRL(“we”, “us”, “our”, “epitech research”) with office at Avenue des Nénuphars 32, 1160 Auderghem, Belgium (phone: +32 (0) 02 465 17 96 ) processes personal data we collect from you.

2. Revisions to Our Privacy Policy

We retain the authority to adjust this privacy document at any given time. Such modifications will always be conducted in strict adherence to the prevailing legal and regulatory standards. Whenever feasible, we will notify you of any significant alterations to this document.

The most recent update and review of this policy occurred on April 30, 2024.

3. Collection of Personal Data

3.1 Engaging with Customers

Upon establishing a client relationship with Epitech Research SRL, we gather various categories of your personal information, which include:

Identifying Information: This consists of your full name, electronic mail address, preferred language, and contact number. Additionally, we assign a unique customer identifier to you or your organization.
Usage Data: Information related to the products and services utilized by you or your company.

In instances where you reach out to us via our online platform or telephonically, we collect:

Personal Identifiers: Your name, title, email, and contact number are all noted. Organizational Details: The name of your company.
Communication Logs: Records of the messages exchanged during our interaction.
Call Details: Any shared information during the telephonic conversation.
Furthermore, provided that you choose to disclose it, we may gather information pertaining to your personal assistant.

3.2 Customer Assistance

When partaking in a screen-sharing session to enhance your experience with our offerings, we compile the ensuing personal data:

Identification Details: Specifically, your name and email address.
Session Content: All information conveyed during the screen-sharing process, both auditory and visual.
In circumstances where we liaise with you about “suspended transactions” (financial transactions paused due to irregular features), the personal data compiled comprises:

Identification Details: Your name and email address.
Payment Choices: Your decision to either process or negate the transaction. Call Information: Any details relayed during our telephonic discussion.

3.3 Promotional Activities

Whenever you enroll or partake in an event under our orchestration, we gather the following personal information:

Identification Details: This encompasses your name, title, electronic mail address, and contact number.
Organizational Data: Specifically, your company’s name.
Event-Specific Data: Any supplementary information pertinent to the event.

Additionally, we might collect your personal data from third-party event organizers, but only if you have granted them permission to share this information with us.

During your registration or participation in our webinars, the personal data we gather includes:

Identification Details: Your name, email address, contact number, and IP address.
Company Information: The name of your firm and its VAT number.
Security Metrics: Such as connection logs, activity records, and your web browser’s user agent.

Interactions: Any queries or feedback you forward during the webinar.
Upon participation in our feedback forms, the data compiled about you includes:

Identification Details: Your name and email address.
Feedback: Your responses to the survey questions.
For subscribers to our newsletters, the information compiled includes:

Identification Details: Your name, work-related email, and language of choice. Occupational Data: The name and address of your establishment.
Device Metrics: Such as device usage, especially when accessing our newsletters. For those seeking a price quote through our official website (, the gathered data comprises:

Identification Details: Your name and professional email address.
User Additionals: Optionally, the names of any other involved users.
Service Preferences: Details concerning your organization’s potential utilization of our offerings, the services you’re interested in, and a prospective cost estimate.
If an email address is not provided, we ensure that no other input data is retained.

3.4 Talent Acquisition

If you endeavor to fill one of our open positions or forward an unsolicited application, the following personal data is collated via our website (

Identification Details: Comprising your name, title, residential address, contact number, and electronic mail address.
Personal Descriptors: Your year of birth, citizenship, an optional photograph, possession of a driver’s license, favored mode of transport, and your amenability to job-related travel. Professional Background: Your current employment standing, the latest and prior work engagements, sector of activity, professional category, job designation, and the commencement years of these positions, along with your CV (if uploaded) or LinkedIn profile URL (if shared). Educational Background: Your academic stature, conferred degrees, and the affiliated institutions.

Application Details: The role you’re vying for, the application’s date and its status, and your probable joining date.
Supplementary Attachments: Any document you opt to append to your application, such as CVs or motivational letters, provided references, and outcomes from assessment centers or cognitive and personality tests.

During your job interview, we may assemble all the previously detailed personal data and any additional information you choose to disclose. Specifically, we might pose inquiries about:

Application Motivation: The rationale behind your application for the designated role. Personal Characteristics: Insights into your character, strong and weak traits, expertise, and professional aspirations.
Career Trajectory: Discussions about your professional experiences, milestones, and accomplishments.
Remuneration Details: Your current earning, perks, and benefits, along with your expectations for the role you’re contesting for.

3.5 Web Interactions

During your navigation on our website, the personal data we gather includes:

Identification Details: Specifically, your IP address.
Security Metrics: This encompasses security logs, connection records, activity logs, and details about your browser’s user agent.
User Behavior Data: With your permission, we also compile data related to your interactions on our site, such as the pages viewed or any prior visits to our platform.

4. Objectives of Data Processing

We utilize your personal data for the subsequent reasons:

In circumstances where it’s vital for contractual purposes or to undertake actions, per your request, leading up to a contract:

Communication: To supply requested information and address your inquiries.
Support: Assisting you in troubleshooting our service-related issues.
Client Relationship: To oversee interactions between you, as our valued client, and the broader Epitech Research SRL team.
Service Security: Guaranteeing the security of our offerings, including your data.
Events & Webinars: Facilitating your enrollment and participation in our webinars or organized events.
Where you’ve explicitly granted your consent:

Initiating Contact: Reaching out to you based on your preference to share more about our services.
Appointments: Interacting with you, per your preference, to schedule meetings.

Promotions: Allowing us to relay promotional materials and details about Epitech Research SRL services consistent with your preferences.
Feedback & Surveys: Transmitting surveys to gain insights that drive our service improvements. Service Evaluation: Gathering your evaluations about our services.

Tech Support: Commencing a screen sharing session at your behest for assistance. Employment Discussions: Engaging in discussions about potential employment opportunities. Cookie Implementation: Activating cookies on your browser and deriving advanced analytics from the resultant information.
In scenarios driven by our genuine interests, which aren’t superseded by your interests or core rights and liberties:

Operational Security: Ensuring the safeguarding of all Epitech Research SRL applications, services, processes, websites, and data repositories.
Historical Records: Maintaining a log of our commercial engagements.
Business Interactions: Facilitating official correspondence and meetings.

Session Archival: Keeping records of actions taken during screen sharing sessions.
Client Updates: Communicating with our clientele about Epitech Research SRL’s evolution; these can be discontinued at any moment using the opt-out option at the end of every correspondence.
Service Augmentation: Enhancing our offerings by discerning patterns, frequent challenges, client behavior, and more.
Promotion to Current Clients: Advocating our services to existing clientele.
Web Analytics: Acquiring anonymized data on visitors to Epitech Research SRL websites.
For these objectives, a legally mandated balancing test has been executed. We’ve ascertained that, given the restricted personal data collected, the processing activities, and your anticipated expectations, our genuine interest in conducting these procedures isn’t compromised by your interests or core rights and freedoms.

In instances where it’s obligatory for legal compliance, like reporting unlawful activities or adhering to tax regulations.

5. Sharing and Transfer of Personal Information

To facilitate our service delivery and for the aforementioned reasons, it becomes necessary to disseminate your personal data to:

Internal Parties: Epitech Research SRL staff who are granted access based on a “requirement to know” policy, as well as contractors under a binding confidentiality pact with us.

Local Processors: Third-party entities situated within Belgium that assist us in handling your personal data, strictly upon our directives and under stringent confidentiality conditions:

Mautic: Entrusted with facilitating bulk email dispatches for marketing drives and newsletters. EEA Processors: Third-party processors based in the European Economic Area, supporting us in data processing, again solely upon our directives and bound by confidentiality obligations:

Microsoft: Offers and upkeeps our client relations and screen-sharing tools. Matomo: Grants us rudimentary metrics about the distinctive visitors on our portal. Hostinger: Tasked with the hosting duties of our applications and website.

6. Safeguarding and Retention of Data

We uphold the strictest confidentiality concerning your personal data.

Diligent measures are taken on our part to shield your personal details. This encompasses instating strategies and methodologies to substantially lessen any unsanctioned incursions or disclosures of your personal information. We warrant that our third-party associates, to whom your data is relayed, also establish apt protective protocols.

We will safeguard your personal data for a duration that aligns with the attainment of objectives delineated in section 4 (Processing Purposes), but within the constraints of the following maximum tenures:

Contractual Records: Contact specifics and digital contract signing details are preserved until the culmination of our contractual bond.

Inquiries & Support: Details obtained during support or queries will be stored for a decade.

Service Information: Data gathered upon your service inquiries will be archived for 3 years or until its removal is sought by you.

Screen Activity: Call and screen-sharing recordings will have a 1-month retention period.

Website Analytics: Statistics-related data will have a 14-month shelf life.

Webinar Registrations: Data from webinar registrations will be stored for a year.

Event Participation: Data concerning event registration and attendance is retained for a month post-event.

Survey Responses: Information via surveys is preserved for a year. Tech & Security Logs: These logs have a half-year retention maximum.

Backup Data: Security-driven data backups are retained for 4 weeks.
Marketing Insights: This information is kept as long as we have your acquiescence.

6.1 Talent Acquisition

For the purpose of our talent selection process, we retain your personal data only for the duration necessary. Once the selection is concluded, we’ll maintain your contact information to get in touch should any suitable vacancies arise in the future.

Annually, we’ll send you a communication reminding you that we still have your details. If at any point you wish for us to remove your information, please notify us and we will promptly erase your data.

7. Data Analytics and Profiling

Rest assured, our operations do not involve any automated decision-making processes regarding your personal profile as highlighted in this document.

However, if you permit the installation of our promotional and tracking cookies, a user behavior pattern might be curated by Epitech Research SRL during your visit to our site.

8. Exercising Your Rights

You hold the privilege to request a duplicate of the personal data we have on file, to prompt us to amend any inaccuracies, halt any ongoing data processing, or to present your data in a coherent, computer-friendly format. Furthermore, you can oppose our handling of your data, especially when we aren’t mandated by a contractual or legal obligation to process it.

If at any point you’ve granted us your permission, you hold the right to retract it. Take note, however, this won’t impact any previously executed data processes. If you’d like to rescind your approval relating to our cookie usage, you can simply remove cookies associated with our website.

To enact any of the aforementioned rights, you can reach out to us using the details provided in the subsequent “Reach Out” section. Be aware, there might be situations where these rights could be curtailed – for instance, if revealing your data might inadvertently disclose someone else’s personal details, or in cases where regulatory obligations mandate us to retain certain information.

For any lingering concerns, you’re entitled to lodge a grievance with the Data Protection Authority:

9. Cookies

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10. Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice or wish to contact us for any reasons in relation to the processing of your personal data, please contact us by sending an email to, or by sending a dated and signed request to Epitech Research SRL, Avenue des Nénuphars 32, 1160 Auderghem, Belgium.