A Message from the Founder

We are a dynamic, international, and multidisciplinary team, bringing together clinical pharmacists, medical doctors, social scientists, epidemiologists, and statisticians. Our accomplished researchers hail from diverse backgrounds, spanning industry, academia, hospital research centers, and international organizations, uniting in a shared passion for advancing evidence-based medicine.

Specializing in evidence synthesis for both communicable and non-communicable diseases, we stand at the forefront of impactful research. Epitech Research has spearheaded systematic reviews in crucial areas such as HIV, malaria, TB, HPV-related cancers, neglected tropical diseases, lower and upper respiratory tract infections, and the race for effective pharmacological treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. Our expertise extends to non-communicable diseases like hepato-biliary liver diseases, gynecological cancers, and epilepsy.

Moreover, we’ve honed our skills in performing meta-analyses to unravel differences in diagnostic accuracy, particularly in diagnostics for Human papilloma virus, HIV, and Respiratory syncytial virus. At Epitech Research, we infuse our scientific pursuits with enthusiasm, ensuring that collaborations are not just impactful but also enjoyable.

If you aspire to be part of our multidisciplinary research team or seek the expertise of our professionals, we invite you to connect with us.

Sonia Menon MA, MSc, MPH, PhD

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Our Expertise for a Healthier Tomorrow

Specializing in evidence-based medicine, medical writing, and pharmacovigilance, we’re not just experts; we’re your allies in creating a healthier world. We work closely with pharmaceutical companies, government bodies, and health organizations, understanding their unique needs and striving to meet them with precision and empathy.

Building Bridges in Healthcare

We believe in the power of collaboration and empathy in science. Each study, each data point, is a step towards understanding and improving lives. We’re here not just to conduct research, but to connect and create lasting health impacts.

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Let’s work together for a brighter health future. Your challenges are ours to solve, your goals, ours to achieve.

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